The one liners - short testimonials mixed products

"massive improvement over the Pass Labs OXO"
Dean Stabler - Australia
Zavfino ZV8/ Origin Live Illustrious II/ Ortofon Cadenza Black/ whest 60Se Pro

" the best phono stage I've heard in this system by far"
Linda Majaica -  Belgium
Thorens TD1601/ Audio Technica ART9XI/ whest 40RDT SE 

"Killer vocal projection - like Ella is in the room"
Mark Sanders - Canada
Goldnote Mediterraneo/ Soundsmith Zephyr ES III/ whestTWO.2 Discrete

"I'm still in shock with what I am hearing, it is just so real"
Dr Jeremy Masters - Oxfordshire UK
Thorens TD124DD/ Ortofon Verismo/ whest 60Se Pro

"my digital setup was already great, this though is something else"
Clive Ward - Scotland
HiFi Rose RS150B/ whest Mastering Buffer BII/  active ATC loudspeakers