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NEW Whest Audio PS.40RDT Phono Stage Special Edition

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Whest Audio PS.40RDT Phono Stage Special Edition



The PS.40RDT SE phono stage is built to complement your turntable front-end and represents the finest whest audio design expertise.

Like all of our products, the PS.40RDT SE is tonally neutral allowing you to hear everything at their correct levels.  This is in-part thanks to our heritage in small signal design, design of microphone preamplifiers and our understanding of ultra-low-noise solid-state circuitry.

Connecting the PS.40RDT SE like all is easy and flexible. 1 pair of audiophile quality RCA connectors for the input section with a substantial ground post for the turntable ground. For outputs, 2 stereo pairs are available via RCA, for connecting to a main system and a headphone amplifier.  A 3rd output on balanced 3 pin XLR can be used to connect your PS.40RDT SE to a stand-alone digital or analog recorder for accurate and low noise transfer work.

With the PS.40RDT SE high resolution vinyl playback is within your reach because we are already there. 


PS.40RDT SE  tech notes

40 Series manual PDF