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whestTWO.2 Discrete High Resolution Phono Stage

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whestTWO.2 Discrete High Resolution Phono Stage

Taking the whestTWO.2 further comes the new 2022 whestTWO.2 Discrete. It is built to complement any entry-level turntable front-end, but it can also be integrated into any high-end turntable front-end system because of its inherent high-resolution capabilities.

Like all whest audio phono stages, the whestTWO.2 Discrete is tonally neutral and has plenty of current drive, making it the perfect partner for any high-end system. Like its smaller sibling, the whestTWO.2 Discrete owes much to our heritage in small signal design, microphone preamplifier design and our understanding of ultra-low-noise solid-state circuitry.

Connecting the whestTWO.2 Discrete, like all whest audio phono stages, is easy and flexible. There is one pair of audiophile quality RCA connectors for the input section, with a substantial ground post for the turntable ground. For outputs, one stereo pair is available via RCA for connecting to a main system. A second output on balanced 3-pin XLR can be used to connect your whestTWO.2 Discrete to a stand-alone digital or analog recorder or headphone amplifier for accurate and low-noise transfer work or high-quality headphone listening.

With the whestTWO.2 Discrete, high-resolution vinyl playback is within your reach.

Dimensions  – W252 x D250 x H60mm

 whestTWO.2 Discrete tech notes

WhestTWO.2 Manual PDF