The new PS.40RDT Special Edition is shipping. See it on our phono stage page.
"I should have purchased one of your phonostages a long time ago..." more >>


7th March 2019

We have just updated our b-grade list with some more ex-demo MINT product.  check it out

9th Feb 2019

we're slowly running out of those ex-demo units 

Want to record high quality audio onto your phone for your Instagram, Facebook and Youtube stream?  We have THE device and it's called
whestPRO LiMi  contact us for more info

check it out on    whestPRO LiMi

26th Jan 2019

WOW !!! 
Those CES 2019 B-graded units sold in record time. .. but we do have more and have a couple of other non-whest stuff here too :)


Happy New Year

We are updating our testimonial pages right now along with our B-grade stock list keep an eye out.

13th Jan 2019

Happy New Year.

We have had a bumper Christmas and New Year and now we are passing this on to you.  We have several ex-CES 2019 phono stages here or coming back from Ls Vegas.  Check out our B-graded list or ASK if you don't see what you are looking for.  We are still building the 30RDT SE @ £2699 incl free shipping and a FULL 5 year warranty.  These are the NEW 2018/19 versions and not the original spec 2014/2017 spec.  So I have warned you... :)

7th Dec 2018

Festive Month Sale has really taken off.  We have other phono stages in stock for sale that aren't listed so drop us a line if you don't see something in your budget.... we probably have it in a box somewhere :)

B-graded section


18th Nov 2018

WOW.. this month is flying.!!!

The development of the new flagship is well underway and will set a whole new benchmark for vinyl playback.  
It has taken 5 years to get to a set of electronics that I am totally happy with.

As you all know, whest audio is about high-resolution vinyl playback and this next phase in our
evolution will change the way vinyl users see what is possible from this amazing format - watch out !!

We have some great pre-Xmas deals or is that 'pre-christmas deals '.  Check out our X-MAS specials  
as we have updated that space but are getting more in due to those pesky audiophiles upgrading and
treating themselves to a bigger model.

Want to know a bit more about our models

Looking for a phono stage or phonostage

31st OCT 2018

Scary Halloween bargains

It has been such a busy OCT that we are offering some crazy deals for the next FEW weeks.  We have specials on NEWLY built 30 Series phono stages, ex-demo 40 Series phonostages and an ex-demo MC REF MKV 2018 phono stage in RED which is very very RARE!.  We also are offering for a limited time several whestTWO.2 and whestTHREE Signatures in an all discrete transistor electronics package  - just like the 3 BIG units.  Just drop us an email to find out more or check out our B-graded and deals page.

Hope you all have a scary halloween :)

8th OCT 2018

We've had such a busy Sept that I have forgotten to update this section.  We had a GREAT time in China at the GuangZhou Audio Show and won 'best sound' which was amazing.  That was using a TITAN Pro and a Kronos Turntable !! 
We have that ex-demo TITAN Pro unit for sale here....
More to come later

27th AUG 2018

Late entry... we now have our 1st fully discrete whestTHREE Signature review on our testimonial page.  This is no standard product but something we did as a bespoke design for a REAL music lover.

The weather has changed here in the UK but that hasn't stopped the vinylheads worldwide visiting us for a vinyl fix :-)

We just shipped 2x PS.40RDTs to a couple of friends in San Diego.  In fact they are next door neighbours!  I think they'll be sending in their testimonials soon. 

There's a really special whestTHREE Signature in our B-graded section.  It's all discrete using the 40RDT SE input stage and sounds amazing for it.

'll be updating that section in the next day or so, so don't think that is all we have.

17th Aug 2018

We are pleased to announce LIMIN AUDIO as our distributors for China.  I'm sure we'll have a great time together showing the vinylheads over in China just what vinyl is REALLY capable of.

We will also be at the Guangzhou AV Fair 2018 with Limin Audio on the 14th Sept so if you are around then come and see us... more to come. 

6th Aug 2018

We have just celebrated shipping our 1000th whestTWO.2 .  For us it's a BIG BIG milestone. Thanks to you all. 

Super heat special offers.  WOW... It's been an extended summer and we have extended our deals for another month of 32 degs !!!  CHECK THESE OUT  

We have also updated our PEP program to now include thewhestTHREE Signature and whestTWO.2.  Both these upgrades are BIG as they involve installing the new 40RDT SE input section, increase the voltage rails, rebias the Class-A stages and trim the RIAA filters.  The improvements are VAST.

If you don't see what you're looking for OR are on a tight budget, then just drop us an email.  We have many clients that request 'something' nice but don't mind a slightly damaged rear panel.  They still come with a full 3 or 5 year warranty !!!!
want to know more

11th July 2018

World Cup Bargains

Even with the World Cup and great summer we're having, it's been busy here.  We have plenty of bargains and all MINT with a 5 year warranty.  Don't look anywhere else for MINT units.  It's all here.

We have more people now coming here because of our knowledge base.

Still thinking of buying used on eBay?
DON'T !! 
You don't get a warranty and it won't be a current spec unit.  And the chances are you'll be paying the same price as HERE

11th June 2018

What an incredible spring and early summer we've had.  It's been all about the TITAN Pro and 40 Series.  I've never quite understood why certain products sell more than others during the year.  But it's been GREAT.  More whest users !!!  :-)

We are still offering the PeP upgrade programme on all 30 Series units AND for 115VAC countries we are now offering the PeP upgrade to take your whestTWO.2 or whestTHREE Signature to full discrete level... email for details and pricing.


19th APRIL 2018

We have introduced a small device for all you Social Media types that want to get GREAT audio onto their media feeds.  It's called LiMi and connects your mixer/audio amplifier/ audio interface to your smart phone.  The price for LiMi is just £149.  email us for details

Our Testimonial Page has been updated to include some of latest customer reports.  Check it out !!
We also have some super bargains..

10th Jan 2018

Happy New Year Folks.

Well we are back and busy.  It's going to be a great one with some exciting stuff in the pipeline.

2018 PS.30RDT
First of all we have the ability to re-manufacture just a few PS.30RDTs but with our latest tech.  If you are looking for a first phonostage but are looking for a 'keeper' then this is for you.  These 2018 units use some of the 40 Series ideas but in the 30RDT package.  They come with a full 5 year warranty and are available to all UK and USA vinyl users. Check them out here

24th Dec 2017 -  Merry Christmas

Well this is the last update for a few days.  It has been a GREAT month with more vinyl users moving over to whest. 
Check out our B-graded units for a REAL bargain with a warranty.

We are now shipping FOC to France, USA and CANADA.  Thanks to Sarah for talking nicely to UPS  :-)

Buying used online
Remember that buying USED on ebay and other sites might seem like you're getting a bargain. 

Our warranty system ONLY applies to units purchased through our dealer/ sales network and NOT ebay or other used audio site.

16th DEC 2017

Well i haven't updated this for a little while as we have been extremely busy with the EARLY Christmas rush worldwide.  It has been excellent with more 40 Series users now on this planet. :-)

We are also now shipping FREE to France and the USA.  This is excellent news as we have secured a great shipping rate from our couriers UPS.

Check out our latest B-graded items.  We have no loaded that page with everything but we have whestTWO.2s, whestTHREE Signatures and updated 30 Series units not showing so drop us an email with your requirements and budget.

Lastly, check out our updated testimonial page as this will show some of the new 'reviews' from some of our new users.

2nd Nov 2017

Do you live in the USA? 
We have extended our NEW and USED offers to the USA.  Shipping is now FOC and all units come with either a 3 or 5 year warranty.  The PiP upgrade path is still available but has been extended so that if you are one of the 1300 30Series users you have the option of upgrading the interior ONLY of your unit to the new 40 Series. We have already performed this on about 40 US customer units AND it's GREAT !!

Drop us an email to find out more

Check out just a small selection of what we have available in 115vac.

USA deals
click here

30th  OCT  2017


28th Sept 2017

Hifi Records in Germany has just given the whestTWO.2 an outstanding/ brilliant/ out-of-this-world review.  We'll try and attach a link to a PDF copy soon.

In the meantime check out our latest offers

8th Sept 2017

Back to school deals :)

It has been a great summer and a busy one.  Apart from making MORE whest users of the vinyl (record) loving community, we have just been told we will be able to build a batch of 15 x PS.30RDT Special Edition phonostages because we have some NOS front and rear panels to go with the chassis's we have in stores.  The RDT Special Edition is a full Class-A product that won all sorts of awards when it was in production.  Check out our testimonial page to find out what is is like and then our B-graded page to see what these will cost - a true audio bargain !!!

21st Aug 2017

What a great summer !!! Maybe not with the weather but certainly with getting the 'whest' word out. 

We have just supplied 2 units to 2 clients with the brilliant Pear Audio Kid Thomas turntables (I think that's 3 now).

Sometimes it happens that way.  Someone out there has figured out that if you partner a Pear Audio KT table with a whest phono stage then you will get REALLY close to audio heaven - about 2 metres away :).  We have that with VPI and Thales tables.

So what is our summer big sellers?  The 40RDT Special Edition has been the winner with the whestTWO.2 and whestTHREE Signature joint 2nd place and the TITAN Pro 3rd.  The whestTWO.2 is a great unit and a real favourite with tables between £500 - £5000.  Yes, it's the ONLY phono stage in the world in it's price range that can do this.  It is quite stunning.
Check out our testimonial page for up coming reviews.

B-graded and used deals

follow us on Instagram  @whestworld

20th July 2017

Want to know what people are saying, then read on.

The testimonial page really is helping would-be users get an idea of how their system will improve by using one of our phono stages. If you are on Instagram then do check us out - whestworld.  You'll find some of nice systems there with our phono stages in.  These are REAL systems owned by REAL humans in REAL homes.  None of that 'demonstration room system or show system pics'...  hahaha. We keep it real !

1st July 2017

What an amazing month we have had. You know it generally gets a little bit quieter around June/ July but I think the whole growth in vinyl plus our superb range is really making a dent in the big wide world :-).  Just check these testimonials out...we're about to add a few more !!! 

Thank you and hello to all of our new family members - groove on !

4th June 2017


These B-graded units are selling so quickly.  It's because they are all MINT and come with a FULL warranty.

3rd June 2017

Well we have now sold all of our ex-archiving 30RDT Special Editions units in double quick time.  We do have a couple of ex-demo units in, so check and see. 

REMEMBER THIS , don't buy on Audiogon or eBAY as you will not get a warranty or might buy something OLD.  All of the units we have in our b-graded have been recently updated (2017) and will look NEW.

25th May 2017

Had a great time at the Munich hifi show this year.  Great sounds and great people.  Nice catching up.

B-graded has been upgraded.  We have some ex-archiving PS.30RDT Special Editions coming in soon.  If you are interested then drop us a line.

17th May  2017

Will you be in Munich this weekend?  See us in the Audio Technica room.  We'll have the PS.40RDT Special Edition and the whestTWO.2 playing.  Check out the new AT VM Series MM cartridge range, they are simply superb.

Thank you to all the new 'whesties' for sending us your short stories about how it feels to live with one of our products. 
It is all much appreciated.  check out
our testimonial page to find out.

15th Apr 2017  - Easter weekend

Another 40 Series month and another really busy one.  It seems he word is getting out there.  Word of mouth is everything, not just magazine reviews.  Check out our updated testimonial page to see what others say.

19th March 2017

WOW... what a really busy month.  It's been PS.40RDT month.  I can't think of the last time our production team were flat out building so many of these.  The 2 models are superb.  The Special Edition version is the all discrete Class-A transistor version of the baby brother 40RDT which is a hybrid/discrete Class-A transistor unit.  The noise levels from both of these are ULTRA low which is why they are extremely popular with the low output MC guys.  0.2mV is what we normally recommend for use with these models...  ha ha ha  most manufacturers shudder when they see these cartridge specs.

Musicality, Soundstaging, Dynamics, Resolution

Just goes to prove that you don't need a magazine review to sell product.  All you need is a great product and the word of real life users.  The testimonial page is the first place most of our new users go to find out what our products are all about, what to expect when a whest product is in a REAL system and not a reviewer's or magazine system. 
Check it out

17th Feb 2017

Check out our B-Graded page for some of our latest bargains.  We now have a Modwright LS36.5DM Hybrid Tube preamp Near MINT for £4999 !! Originally £9500 and still in production.

14th Feb 2017

It's been a great 4 weeks with the range.  Check out our testimonial pageto see what real users are saying.

We've also updated our b-graded/ ex-demo pagebut we always carry a bit more than what you see.  Don't forget that all of our b-graded units come with a warranty and are mostly the latest versions.  Get a 2015 whestTWO for just £539 with a warranty !!!

It's already been an incredible Jan.  We'd like to welcome onboard 'hifi lounge' uk ( to our fold.  These guys specialise in all things audio and are currently building a huge reputation in the industry of being the best 2 channel'ists around in the UK. 

Check them out at here

Check out our b-graded products page for more MINT with WARRANTY 2016/17 bargains

12th Dec 2016

Well we do live in interesting times.  With many bereavements in the past few months, both in our closest family and industry friends, it feels like it has been a real testing time.  But as some say - 'life must go on' and my father would have wanted me to plough through this.  RIP dad x.

We have been really really busy though.  The 40 Series, whestTWO.2,
whestTHREE Signature and
seem to be the popular items right now.  Sometimes it's the MC REF, TITAN Pro and whestTWO.2... ebbs and flows.  The response has been great.  We have many new customers and their friends.

Why not find out what they are saying.

18th Oct 2016

Everyone's doing it now...
take advantage of the falling POUND !!!

6th Oct 2016

Looking for a bargain for your second system - check out these B-Graded Bargains

14th Sept 2016

Check out our partially updated B-grade list.  We have all sorts in store.  Contact us for more.

5th Sept 2016

Saying a BIG 'Hi' to all of our new whest audio family in Dubai.  The team here would like to wish you all the best of wishes and we hope you all enjoy your new whest audio products as much as we do.  A special thanks to Samya and Rabah for choosing our MC REF MK4 2016, TITAN Pro and 40RDT Special Editions over everything else they listened to for their extremely large personal systems.

best wishes James and team whest  :-)


15th Aug  2016

We have had a large demand in the brilliant Audio Technica LP5 turntable/
whestTWO.2 combination.
  It is a perfect starter system as well as a true high-resolution vinyl package.  See what the fuss is about, and it is a genuine fuss!!
The Audio Technica LP5 turntable comes with a cartridge at £330 and there is NOTHING on this planet that can even come close.

What a busy last couple of months.  The new 40 Series has really made a large impact in the 'just about to upgrade to a REALLY BIG phono stage' user.  The generaly feeling is that the 40RDT SE is the best you can get below £8000 and coming in at £5600.  The TITAN Pro is already the best phonostage in Europe under £10K, which 'nearly' makes 3 of our products the best in their category.

The new whestTWO.2 has had an incredible reception.  The best under £2000 and it retails for £1150.

Want to partner the whestTWO.2 with a table for your first vinyl system? - Try these known combinations...

Audio Technica LP5/ AT95 cartridge
Rega RP3/ AT150SA
Rega RP6 / Ortofon Qunitet Black
Clearaudio Concept/ Benz Micro Ace
Avid Ingenium/ Benz Micro Glider 
Project Debut Carbon/ Ortofon 2M Black 
VPI Scout/  Lyra Delos
Musichall MMF-5.3/ Ortofon 2M Blue

All of these combinations are known to work brilliantly with the new whestTWO.2 and whestTHREE Signature phono stages.  Just check out our testimonial page to see what users say. 


8th  June 2016

The word about the 40 Series is spreading. :-) 

20th May 2016

The replacement for the 30 Series is really changing the way people think of vinyl.  Just check out our testimonials.

5th May 2016

We constantly get asked this one question - What is the easiest way to transfer vinyl to computer ?
Well we use a Tascam DA3000 SD Card recorder or a Sony PCM D100 portable SD card recorder.  Both these machines record to SD card and the files can be dropped onto your computer after recording.  These machines can also (if you fancy) record in very high quality DSD format for playback on the machines but not on your computer.  It is that simple.  Portable SD recorders start at about £100 for a nice semi-pro Tascam unit and go upto a £1trillion for a whest audio designed version :-)

3rd May 2016

Excellent news on the 40RDT Special Edition front -- we have just supplied 4 units to a lovely archiving company based in Ontario Canada.  After listening to the best that the USA, Canada and Germany could muster, they finally settled on the  40RDT Special Edition for its ultra low noise levels, superb imaging qualities, soundstaging and ability to sound more like master tape and less like a 'box of electronics'.  Thank you Chris and team for selecting Whest Audio at the beginning of your business venture.  Good Luck.

Going to Munich Hifi show on 5th May?  Check out Audio Technica.... nuff said !

24th Apr 2016

What a wonderful time we're having with the new range.  The whestTWO.2 and 40 Series are being hailed as the very best phono stages in and around their price range.  That pretty much means that all of our products are at the top of their category for audio resolution, musicality and price.  If you are into reviews - we have a few coming out.  All great stuff. 

22nd Mar 2016

Continuing with the success of the 40RDT and 40RDT Special Edition we have just supplied 2 x 40RDT Special Editions to a very well known and respected DJ for his sampling and mixing work.  It just goes to show that high resolution is needed everywhere.

21st Mar 2016

New for 2016 and already making their mark on the audio scene
whestTWO.2 and 40 Series
check out the latest testimonials

Feb 18th 2016

The first testimonials have come in from the 40 Series newbies.... and it's all GREAT. 
For more info...please call us

28th Jan 2015

Check out our updated testimonial page. It spans a few months and we've also put a few short ones in...

End of line stock quickly going!

I have to say thank you to Dinky for sending over Jazzanova Remix of Wonderlove - brilliant!

4th NOV 2015
The whestTWO and 30 Series are now officially discontinued...
Look out for the new whestTWO MK2 and 40 Series units coming soon.

We have just a few of the whestTWOs and 30s (R, RDT and SE) left.  These are still considered the best in their category which is why we are still around producing the best phono stages in the world and all hand built in the UK.

End-of Line / ex-demo and
B-graded deals


We will be launching some new and exciting products next month.  Some of you already know what they are and have already placed orders.  You others will just have to wait OR you can just call us on 020 3176 0376 or email on or TXT on 07957 263738 It's worth the wait if you are looking to replace, upgrade or are just getting

As many of you know, we never change things UNLESS we feel it's going to be a big audio upgrade and what's coming for the first 3 product line changes are BIG!!!!

16th Sept 2015 - SUMMER SALE

We had a great time at Nottinghill Carnival and thanks to everyone that came down for the tunes... :) :) 
We have a NEAR MINT VPI Classic for .£1499 - that's a SUPER BARGAIN !!!
We will be updating our B-graded section as we have had a few items come in from folks wanting to upgrade to the TITAN Pro, SE and whestTHREE Signature.

On a very different note... check out the new Audio Technica ATH-M70x monitor headphones...they are incredible. Having spent the past 2 weeks recording on location with them I can say that I am very happy to throw away every other monitor headphone I have.  The new ATH-M70x translates so well to your mix monitors - the best closed headphones I have ever purchased.


14th July 2015 -

SUMMER SLIZZLER SALE - check out our B-Graded items
What a busy summer it's been.  Having 3 brilliant/ outstanding reviews in the prestigious German Lp magazine, we have found ourselves inundated with requests for the new whestTHREE Signature, TITAN Pro and MC REF V Mk4.  These three alone are taking over the world - very slowly :)  And now with the USA sales gaining serious pace even without a US review.

B-Graded - check out the list as it has a real special turntable there... 

19th June 2015

Since Munich the calls we have had regarding the whestTHREE Signature and TITAN Pro has been incredible.  See below

Had a brilliant time at the Munich hifi show.  Audio Technica showing off their new and incredible AT33SA MC cartridge.  They were using 2 x whestTHREE Signatures to really show off their MC range.  Great Sound !!!!!

check out our updated B-graded list..


Going to Munich High-End Show on the 14th-17th May?

See us on the Audio Technica Stand where they will be using 2 of our whestTHREE Signatures to compare their great range of MC cartridges.

Check out our updated B-graded stock.  Remember we can't list everything so do drop us an email if you can't find what you're looking for.

15th Apr 2015

Did you know we are on facebook

So what's new.  The TITAN Pro has been reviewed for the very first time and the review backs up everything the Testimonials say.  It'll be on our site VERY soon.

Our PEP upgrade scheme is still operating and is stronger now than ever.  If you own a PS.30R or RDT see what you can do to it.  You'll be very surprised!

Don't forget to check out the new 2015 B-graded deals.  We ALWAYS have something so just call.

10th Jan 2014

Check out our updated b-graded/ ex-demo list.  REMEMBER.... all of our units are either 2013/14 spec, come with a 3-5 year warranty and have unlimited one-2-one back up service - something you'll never get on eBay !

18th Dec 2014

As we prepare for the Christmas period we have just had news that the TITAN Pro which has just been reviewed in Germany by Fidelity Magazine has gained an INCREDIBLE review.  We'll have it on our website in the next week - keep checking in.

5th Dec 2014

What a busy November.  Gearing up for Christmas but we've already seen the impact the whestTHREE Signature and MC REF V MK4 reviews are having on vinyl lovers worldwide.  The TITAN Pro will get its first ever review in Dec 2014. The copy is out on the 18th Dec --- watch this space. 

If you haven't already done it, check out our updated Testimonials page.  This will give you an idea of what whest audio phono stages are like to live with.

26th Nov 2014

Check out our facebook page and join us.

24th Nov 2014

Check out our latest Nov 2014 b-graded list.

20th NOV 2014

Check out the MC REF V Mk4 review.
The review is from 'hifi & records' and written by the famous Helmut Rohwild.  I think you'll like the review :)

Also check out the new whestTHREE Signature review ....

10th Oct 2014

Check out our B-graded items.  We can't list all of them so do email us to tell us what you are looking for.

29th Sept 2014

The whestTHREE Signature is slowly taking over ....

After the superb FIRST EVER review of the flagship MC REF V MK4 in the German 'LP magazine' where they said 'the MC REF V Mk4 is a Masterpiece', the whestTHREE Signature has received a similar accolade in 'Fidelity Magazine', Germany's Premier high-end audio magazine -  READ ON 

Check out our B-graded Deals

10th July 2014

The much awaited whestTHREE Signature has been released to worldwide acclaim.  We will be adding the first 3 testimonials from our new whestTHREE Signature users within the next few days.  Read and find out what our products are REALLY like to live with in a real home environment.

24th May 2014

We had a marvelous time in Munich this year.  Thank you to all of you that stopped to say 'hi' and it was great meeting some new faces. :-)

Ever thought of owning the mighty TITAN ? Check out our B-graded page - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

6th May 2014

The whestTHREE Signature is now available.  Check out our products page to find out more.

2nd Apr 2014

The latest copy of the prestigious German magazine Hifi & Records is out now and features the MC REF V Mk4.  This is the very first time the MC REF has been reviewed and guess what.... the reviewer says ' This is the pinnacle of analog' 'the MC REF sits at the summit of Mount Olympus'.  You can't get better than that.  The reviewer goes on to say ' it is a Masterpiece'. 

One of the most important parts of this review is that the reviewer is the most well respected 2 channel analog reviewer in Germany.  Also he does not give accolades easily - unlike some !! 

The MC REF V Mk4 technology has trickled down into the whole range.  From its hybrid RIAA filter system to its radical approach to reducing 'apparent' crosstalk, to its use of parallel connected discrete regulators and ultra low noise discrete front end.   All of these technologies aid in the superior resolution and realism that can only be had from the use of any of the Whest Audio phono stages.

8th Feb 2014

We had a marvelous time in Las Vegas.  Thanks to EveAnna @ Manley Labs, Roy and Leland @ Musichall LLC and the rest of the crew for a real enjoyable stay.

Marten Loudspeakers premiered their latest flagship model @ $400,000 using the MC REF V Mk4 as the centerpiece of their vinyl playback system and came out with the highest of all recommendations from Michael Fremer.  The sound from the system was pretty amazing. Leif at Marten Loudspeakers Sweden specifically asked for the MC REF V Mk4 over every other phonostage in the world saying 'it is by far the very best stage he has ever heard'.

8th  Feb 2014

Check out our latest Christmas offers in our B-graded section.

24th Nov 2013

Confused about where to start on the Whest Audio product ladder OR just need to know how to start playing records on your system...then just contact us. Our team of experts help people every day starting off for the first time on the vinyl road.

Whether you just need some basic advice on what is available or would like better performance from your existing system, that is what we are here for.

A few simple tips for the starters:

1. Don't think you need to spend ££££££ to get a great sound.  It can all be achieved within a very real budget.

2. Try to stay away from forums.  Many of these forums have paid 'bloggers'. These people are not professionals but are paid to mention a particular product or manufacturer.

3. Take a listen.  We have a great demonstration room where everyone is welcome.  Bring you own music and we can show you what vinyl is really all about.  We have a pretty extensive record collection here but we are always wanting to listen to new sounds.

18th Nov 2013

The long awaited whestTHREE will be released in Jan 2014.  This will be the game changer for all sub-£2000 phono stages as the whestTHREE incorporates technology and audio resolution normally seen and heard above the £3000 price bracket.  At just £1999UK, the whestTHREE has balanced outputs, 8 gain and 8 load settings, fully dual-mono design with a split outboard power supply with 2 low noise/ low power AC interconnects to feed the main head unit. 

The prototypes have been in use since Jan 2013 and used with turntables costing up to £12,000 and not once has the whestTHREE showed its 'price' identity.

We will be updating the whestTHREE page shortly but in the meantime we will keep you up to date here.

15th Nov 2013

Did we tell you we have just appointed the GREAT Gaudios as our Austrian and German distributor.  Sinisa at Gaudios has already made a great impact with Whest Audio in Germany.  He has seen the light. 
He is in the process of updating his own website to show our product range.  He is a true believer in 2 channel analogue and understands how to put together a great analogue setup. 

11th Nov 2013

We've updated the Testimonial page.  It has some great feedback and is where you can get a feel for the range.  These are from REAL users/ audiophiles/ clients just like you and I.

9th Nov 2013

The TITAN Pro phono stage interconnecting cable is now available as a separate product.  This interconnect is a Linear Crystal OFC copper type that many say outperforms anything in the sub-£2000 level.  This is now available as a 1.2m pair length for £449 including shipping worldwide. 

Because we do not want to get into the whole interconnect/ cable market we will not be getting this cable reviewed in any magazine.  You will however be able to read reviews of the cable on our Testimonial page in the near future.

7th Nov 2013

Check out our new arrivals in the B-Grade phono stage section.

Remember..the list changes every few days so we don't list everything.

6th Nov 2013

We have updated our Testimonal section adding comments from the past few months.  Sorting these out was a real task but we enjoyed reading through all the great feedback.  Thank you to all you vinyl heads :)

1st Nov 2013

Check out our latest B-graded deals.  These units are fully tested and just a year or so old but will outperform todays competition by a country mile.

28th Oct 2013

As our phono stage range slowly takes first place with avid vinyl lovers and vinyl beginners, we find ourselves in a real revolution.  Never before have we seen such demand for our phono stages and this is right across the range.  TheRega and VPI brigade are purchasing the MIGHTY whestTWO having compared it to just about everything under £2000!  The VPI and SME boys are heading for the 30 Series and especially the Special Edition which is a true classic in all areas of musicality and resolution. 

On top of all the above we have a steady stream of Brinkmann, TW Acustic, SME, Avid users focusing their eyes on the Special Edition, TITAN and MC REF V.

Our phono stage range is now considered by many to be the place where vinyl reproduction and the meaning of high-resolution vinyl playback is really at.

Others just play and hope their products will work and most of the time they fail at the first hurdle - noise!  Because we ONLY specialise in small signal we know how to get the most out of vinyl.

We specialise so you benefit.

15th Oct 2013

Have you heard what's happening on mainland Europe?  The whestTWO has been compared to the Nagra BPS and the MIGHTY whestTWO has come out on top - what a great design the whestTWO is :)  sorry Nagra but maybe next time :)

10th Oct 2013

If you need advice on what gain selection you should be using with your low output MC or you are finding that with your current non-Whest phono stage you are hearing hiss or a slight hum and know that is WRONG then give us a call.  Like many others you'll soon find that vinyl playback doesn't have to be about putting up with HISSSS and HUMMM.  Our stages are silent have have PLENTY of gain.  They are all designed for use with low output MC (0.2mV upwards) first and foremost.  This means to get the best noise specs from our stages you'll need a cartridge with an output level of 0.2mV to 0.8mV !!  Other manufacturers require high-output MC 2.5mV as a minimum or else it's humm and hiss time !!!!

We have approximately 400 Denon DL-304 users using the whestTWO because it is the only phono stage below £1500 that has a noise floor low enough to resolve the 0.18mV signal the DL-304 outputs.

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