Welcome to the Whest Audio

Whether you are a vinyl lover, specialist archiving company or are just getting into vinyl for the first time – you have come to the right place.

Our phono stages have all been reviewed and given critical acclaim worldwide.
They are used in both the domestic high-end audio and professional audio fields

This is us - specialists in phono stages and small signal product design….nothing more, nothing less.

  • 60Se Pro

    'The 60Se Pro’s ability to bring the orchestra into your room, to have those soaring violins, the deep rumble of the basses, rasp of the brass, incisive shrillness of some of the high woodwind – yes, the sound quality is magical.'

    Chris Beeching - The ear.net

  • whestTWO.2 Discrete

    ‘by far the best sub-£4000 phono stage we have ever had in our studio’

    Olympic Vinyl Transfers -
    Dr Sebastian Tress

  • TITAN Pro II

    'quite simply the best phono stage I have ever heard. Our TechDAS Air Force tables really deserve this level of resolution'

    Studio ZERO Japan