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Whest Audio

whestPRO LiMi audio adaptor for smart phones

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The easiest way to get high quality audio on your IG videos/reels or YouTube videos is using our whestPRO LiMi.  LiMi stands for 'Little Mixer'. 

The whestPRO LiMi accepts any analog signal from your audio system/ mixer or analog output from any source component.  There is no digital conversion in the whestPRO LiMi so your audio signal will not suffer any latency (time delay) issues.

Just feed the whestPRO Limi into your smart phone before making your video.  When you start shooting the audio will come from your audio source NOT the phones' microphone.  It sounds really simple...because we make it simple for you.

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The videos were all shot on either an iPhone or Samsung smart phone in real-time with the audio fed from the systems preamplifier. 

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whestPRO LiMi Manual