Reviving digital files - Mastering Buffer BII

Hi James.
This is a lot harder than expected.  I've never written one of these before 
(thank you John for trying).  As you know, I thought I'd try and get my digital source  sounding decent again, especially after purchasing the 60S Pro phono stage back in March this year.  The Cyrus CDi-XR sounded very good until the 60S Pro came into my system, but I really wanted to get back to using the investment I put into the Cyrus.  The Mastering Buffer BII has changed the digital side so much that now I can listen to both without feeling that the digital is a lot worse. 

OK, it's not as good as the analog but it is light years ahead of what it was.  I now have an incredible and believable soundstage, bass and treble are extended and the focus on all instruments has vastly improved.  An amazing achievement, especially considering that the other option was to upgrade to another CD player costing £5K !!!  That player sounded much like the Cyrus CDi-XR. 

Oh, I have 2 sources that sound amazing now, and have never had that before.  Thank you team whest !!!!

John Hutchings - Ireland
Origin Live Resolution/ Illustrious arm/ Lyra Etna SL/ whest 60S Pro
Cyrus CDi-XR / whest Mastering Buffer BII - all on a Solid Steel rack