Pass Labs XP17 now on the backfoot - 40RDT Special Edition

Hello from Sunny Ontario.
Well it's not too bad here weatherwise, but audiowise it is REALLY kicking.

It has been a while but I thought I'd catch-up with you guys about my upgrade.
The ex-demo 40RDT SE arrived safely back in Nov 2023 if you remember.  Well I plugged it in and warmed it up as per your recommendations.  3-5 days.  I waited 4 because I couldn't help myself.

I was pretty staggered to how much of an improvement it was over the Pass labs XP17 I have in my system.  The XP17 is supposed to be a killer phono stage or at least one that is on the recommended list by many reviewers.  After my 1st days listening, I wonder why it (XP17) is so highly regarded.  The 40RDT SE is streets ahead in every area.  Not only that, but the 40RDT SE sounds like 'freedom' has been installed in my vinyl setup !!  The clarity, dynamics, soundstage are all far superior.  The detail and musicality are mindblowing.

OK.. so this is where whest audio are kings... I think.  Imaging.  Everyone talks about how stable and realistic the instrument images are on whest phono stages.  I can definitely vouch for that.  The stereo is wide and every instrument has its place on the soundstage, and I don't need the lights off or it be quite in the room.  It is captivating at all hours of the day.  The XP17 on the other hand is lifeless, and that was one of the VERY the phono stages below $13000CAD I tried at the time. 

Well, I am a definite life long whest convert.  I have found you and I'm staying.

Dohmann Helix One/ Kuzma 4 Point/ Lyra Etna SL/ whest 40RDT SE
Craig Milliner - Ontario Canada