Dohmann Audio Helix II and 60Se Pro

Hello Sarah.
Thank you for getting the 60Se Pro to me so quickly.  I have been enjoying it for the past week and have realised that upgrading to the 60Se Pro from the Brinkmann Edison Mk2 was the right thing.  The Edison although very good it is just so far behind the 60Se Pro in every way I could imagine.  The 60Se Pro soundstage is bigger, it is far more real and more organic and less hifi.  My Dohmann turntable sounds amazing now.  I tried the Dohmann Helix III but this is a far better upgrade and far more economical too.  My friend Pierre was spot-on.  He has a 40RDT SE and has always raved about it.  At the moment I absolutely love this system but can't imagine what a TITAN Pro II can it possible to get better?

Dohmann Helix II/ Reed 3P tonearm/ Lyra Etna/ 60Se Pro
Davide Maillet - Lucerne Switzerland