Christmas has come early

Good afternoon whest team.
I just would like to send this small message to say that the Mastering Buffer BII has arrived and is working marvellously in my system.  After trying several DAC units for my RS150B streamer I thought I'd give your Mastering Buffer BII a try as I have heard so many great reports about it.

Well all I can say is this.  It is far far too cheap.  I have to say for the increase in audio detail, soundstage and dynamic range the MB BII gives, I haven't heard a DAC unit under €10000 that can do the same.  I will say that most DACs I have tried sound quite similar - I think many audiophiles feel this way now as the technology is much the same between many cheaper and expensive DACs now.   The best BB DAC is now used in DACs that cost just €1000 and are used in DACs that cost €5000.

Your Mastering Buffer BII though is very different sounding because I can hear so much more and everything sound as if they are alive.  The instruments are separated but everything sounds like a 'whole' if that makes any sense.  I can hear and pick out anything I want yet the performance is still so musical.
This is exactly what I was hoping for from the DACs I tried in the €5000 upwards region but they never gave me this.

Thank you whest team from this great Christmas present.

HiFi Rose RS150B Streamer/ Mastering Buffer BII/ CH Audio/ Focal 
Dr C Mitton - Switzerland