whestTWO.2 with my Thorens TD1600

Thank you for your service and speed of transit.  
The whestTWO.2 is sitting nicely in my setup with my new TD1600 and Lyra Delos.  Coming back to vinyl has been interesting.  This setup is new to me but as you know I have listened to many other phono stages and tables.  Yours is by far the best I have experienced this side of CAD$2000.  Ok, so I tried the Moon Neo 310 which was my 'goto' if I couldn't find anything else.  WELL your whestTWO.2 was much better than the 310 and cheaper.  I did a A-B test with a few friends and we all thought the whestTWO.2 was better by far everytime it was played against the Moon Neo 310 phono stage.

I might look at getting the whestTWO.2 Discrete upgrade next year but for now this setup is so good that I can't even imagine what the Discrete upgrade can give me.

Thorens TD1600/ Lyra Delos/ whestTWO.2/ Moon 340iX/ Harbeth 30.2XD
Andrew Lemoni - Calgary Canada