whestPRO Phono on Instagram

Hey James. 
Nice to finally catch up with you.  Well I checked out your Instagram and was pretty impressed from what I saw/heard across many of your interesting posts.  I got the whestPRO Phono this morning and have already been playing it in this sweltering heat.  Well to get to the point, my Linn LP12/ Ittok hasn't sounded so good.  The Lyra Delos sounds pretty amazing and just to think I was about to spend £2k on an Ortofon Cadenza Black - never listen to forum goers. 
Coming from the Exposure XM3 was interesting.  Those forum guys really recommended that and also the Graham Slee Accession which I did not like.  The Exposure always sounded 'good' but nothing special.  The whestPRO Phono was supposed to bridge a gap to see if I would like what you have to offer but I see now why you are whest audio.  The whestPRO Phono is just streets ahead of anything I have heard at this price level and more.  I know my system very well and it has never sounded to 3 dimensional.  Hats off James and thank you for your brilliant service.

1998 Linn LP12/Ittok/ Lyra Delos/ whestPRO Phono
Andrew Peters - Berkshire UK