whest in my system

Hey James.  
Just want to say thank you for your great service and recommendation for my aging Micro Seiki RY1500/ SME IV/ Ortofon Cadenza Black.  After listening to the Origin Live Discover III for the past 10 days it was a REAL revelation to hear what my turntable was capable of going through the whestTHREE Discrete.  OMG James... you have no idea on the upgraded sound !!!  I won't try and describe it but all I can say is that going from the Graham Slee Accession MC to the Origin Live Discover III was a pretty decent jump but going to the whestTHREE Discrete, which I might say is CHEAPER than the Discovery III ...was MASSIVE.  

My soundstage and dynamics are like nothing I have ever experienced before.
Detail, separation..WOW.  The other phono stages just sounded like toys in comparison.
I'll take you recommendations on cartridges next year but for now the whestTHREE Discrete is the best thing I have experienced in my system since getting a system hahaha

Micro Seiki RY1500/ SME IV/ Cadenza Black/ whestTHREE Discrete/ Luxman AX550II/ Proac Response DB1 loudspeakers.
Johnathan Peebles - Devon UK