TITAN Pro II !!!! ROCKS !!!!!

Hi Sarah and James
I don't know where to start, not do I know how.  Really, this TITAN Pro II is something else.  My J.Sikora Initial Max turntable has never ever sounded anything like this.  I am hearing things that I didn't know existed.  The soundstage is MASSIVE and there is so much space for all of the instruments to fit in.  Instruments sound real, not hifi like my previous Goldnote PH-1000 or lethargic like the Nagra Classic that I borrowed.  The TITAN Pro II is in a league of its own.  So different to the 'mono-sounding' Goldnote and nothing like the lifeless and totally overpriced Nagra Classic Phono.  The dealer I used must be getting a great deal on those 2 products, because he told me that they are 2 of the very best... WOW !!! :(

I'm so hooked on vinyl now, although I had reservations before the TITAN Pro II.  This thing ROCKS  !!!!!

Aston Berry - Canada
J.Sikora Initial Max/ Sikora KVA/ Phasemation PP-500/ TITAN Pro II