The magazines have no idea

Hello Sarah.  
UPS delivered the whestPRO Phono earlier today and it has been warming up nicely for the past few hours.  Well well well.  This is far better than I expected.  The separation is staggering and nothing like I would have expected from a £1000 phonostage or even a £2000 one.  I have my friends Hegel V10 here just while he is away and I must say that the whestPRO Phono is so close to it that I can't see ANY value in spending more on the Hegel V10.  It is far too close and if anything I think the whestPRO Phono has the edge with detail and soundstage.  The Hegel may have the edge on bass...but that is a maybe because sometimes the Hegel V10 plays bass notes a little bit overblown.  The whestPRO Phono is definitely more neutral-real.

I wasn't expecting this at all but it has made me think what a great moving coil would sound like.  The Audio Technica ART9XI  that you recommended is something I will be looking at in the near future but for now the Ortofon 2M Black I have will have to do.

A GREAT Product that the magazines should really know about.

Technics SL1200G/ Ortofon 2M Black/ whestPRO Phono
Jackie Mitchell - Edinburgh