The best upgrade yet !!!

Hello James. 
it has been a real pleasure communicating with you over the past 10 days and I am not listening to the fruits of those talks - TITAN Pro 2022
I did not expect the upgrade over my previous Pass Labs XP-27 to be so vast.  XP-27 was a highly recommended 2-Box product that was very well spec'd.  But I suppose, like you said, specs are just a small part of the design.

The TITAN Pro is better in every area in my system.  Bass definition, mid-band clarity and that analog-sounding high frequency, all of it is way beyond what the Pass Lab could achieve.  For instance - Mofi Alan Parsons I Robot.  This always sounded great on the Pass Labs but the TITAN Pro makes it sound like I'm in the studio with Alan Parsons and at the mixing desk.  The instruments are real depth, focus and a realism that I have never experienced with vinyl (or digital).  

Incredible design and I cannot imagine what the TITAN Pro II brings to the table, but I am 100% sure I will know in a few years time.

Dexter L Barry - Vancouver Canada
Continuum Caliburn/ Cobra turntable/ Ortofon Verismo/ TITAN Pro 2022/23