That new 30 Series input stage - 30Se Pro

Hey Sarah.
Quick email to say that the new 30Se Pro input stage section has been warming up in my original 2014 PS.30RDT Special Edition for about 3 hours.

Well well well.  All I can say is this -  INCREDIBLE. 
I have made quite a few upgrades to my system over the years - Ortofon A95, Brinkmann Oasis, Raidho X1 loudspeakers but this upgrade is by far the biggest in terms of 'detail per money' spent.  I'd go as far as saying it is the biggest detail/ resolution improvement I have made in my system - period.

I can't believe I'm just 3 hours in and the soundstage has grown 60% and I'm already hearing more textures, instrument sounds, separation in vocals and space.

Thank you again for keeping my 30RDT Special Edition alive allowing it to be upgraded.  

Joe Springer - Canada
Brinkmann Oasis/ Jelco 850M/
Ortofon A95/ PS.30RDT Special Edition - 30Se P modification