Technics 1210G + whestTHREE Discrete

Hey James.  Thank you for your great recommendation for my 1210G.  The 9" GrooveMaster 9"-JS works brilliantly with my table.  Also not forgetting the whestTHREE Discrete which is bloody brilliant.  I've just ordered an Audio Technica ART9XI and will also get a good MM later on.  I quite like the idea of getting a Grado or Soundsmith but we'll see.
The whestTHREE Discrete has really transformed my vinyl system.  I'm rediscovering my older late 70's prog/rock stuff and it is sounding great.  Detailed but not clinical.  The bass is excellent and gives me the thump that I have always looked for.  Even on easier listening stuff like the Beatles Abbey Road, the vinyl setup sounds incredible.  I'm finding it a little hard to concentrate to working from home right now because about 3m from me is sitting a great vinyl system.  I'm hooked for life James.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and expertise.

Technics SL1210G/ Denon DL103R/ Groovemaster 9" JS/ whestTHREE Discrete
Paul Morten - Ipswitch UK