TechDAS Air Force One - TITAN Pro II

Hi James.  Happy New Year James and team whest

Thank you again for the great service.  So, yet again you have done it.  14 years with whest and I am always amazed what I get with every step.  This though must be your greatest achievement.  The TITAN Pro II is something else altogether.  It is doing things that I have never heard before.  The scale, precision and timing are jaw dropping.  Having just upgraded my cartridge to the Audio Technica ART20 on your advice, and paring this with the TITAN Pro II, I can say with my hand on my heart that this is the best vinyl setup I have ever heard and experienced.  

TechDAS Air Force One/ Brinkmann 10.5/ Audio Technica ART 20/ TITAN Pro II
Dr Edwardo Souza - Switzerland