Starting off -whestPRO Phono

WOW...  the whestPRO Phono is currently in my mixed vintage/new system.  I'm all new to vinyl so am quite excited to get it right from the beginning.

James, this thing is crazy.  As I told you, my setup is a 70's Pioneer PL12D, AT VM95ML on your recommendation and the whestPRO Phono.  It already leaves my Marantz CD6007 in the dust.  Everything about the vinyl setup is perfect.  Voices, instruments sound alive and kicking.  I can sit up all night immersed in unreal quality.  I didn't expect a PL12D turntable could do this.  I honestly thought it'll sound like a better Crosby record player.  Am I pleased?  NOPE !!!  I am beyond that.  Thank you so much.  Off to buy a few LPs at my local record shop.

Patrick Greene - Guildford
Pioneer PL12D/ VM95ML/ whestPRO Phono/ Cyrus II amp/ NAD 8225 speakers