Now I understand ......

Hi James
Well, what can I say.  The 60Se Pro has now been in the system for about 2 weeks.  After about a day, it was already outperforming my Ear 88PB Phonostage.  It is right to say the 60Se Pro is in a different class.  The EAR sounds mono and dull and lacks detail.  It actually sounds very ordinary compared to your 60Se Pro.

I am staggered 2 weeks in.  My record collection has taken on a different dimension.  I don't recognise some of these albums.  They sound 'new' and 'fresh'.  For instance, Miles Davis Sketches of Spain.  I know this album so well, but Davis' trumpet now sounds like it is REALLY made from brass. Yes, this sounds obvious, but going back to the EAR 88PB, the trumpet really doesn't sound so well recorded, obviously brass or anything.  That whole album sounds harmonically rich and dense.

I'll report back in a few weeks, but right now I have plenty of albums to catch up with.  Yes, I have had them for years, but they now all sound like new.

Dr Jeremy George BSc
Kronos Sparta/ Lyra Etna SL/ whest 60Se Pro/ LAMM L2.1 Preamp/ ATC SCM300ASLT Active Loudspeakers