Never looking Back - whestPRO Phono

OK James.  So you know this is now my 2nd whest audio product but my 1st phonostage.  Vinyl is pretty amazing I must say.  The whestPRO Phono really does show just how good it can be.  I took your advice and got the Audio Technica ART9XI to go onto my Transrotor Dark Star turntable/ Jelco 850.  The whole combination is fabulous.  Tonally rich, amazing separation and soundstaging and a very black background to the soundstage.  In all I don't think I could be any happier unless you gave me a 40RDT SE  ...hahahaha

Transrotor Dark Star/ Jelco 850M/ ART9XI/ whestPRO Phono
Gerry Mallon - Belgium (outside Durbuy)