my first whest product - 40RDT Special Edition

Hello Sarah
Thank for for your great service.  The 40SE has arrived and it looks amazing, MINT.  For an ex-demo unit, it looks new.  Hats off to your production team.
I have had it plugged in for about 4 days now, left on all the time.  I have set the switches for my Hana ML cartridge as you suggested.  

OK, to the sound.  The Dr Feickert Woodpecker has never sounded this good.  Even the Mofi Master Phonostage made my turntable sound 'weak' and very digital, a little like the Goldnote PH10 I had before this.  Many people say the same about the MoFi Master Phonostage, I can see it now (hear it).

The whest 40SE though is very different.  The soundstage is incredibly lifelike, and instruments come from very precise positions in the soundstage.  This I have never experienced before.  I didn't realise vinyl could do this.

What I love the most though is the way everything sounds so musical and defined.  Voices have life, guitars have life, basses have life.  It is addictive.  Thank you so much for the best purchase I have made in YEARS.

Jean-Claude Monett - Nancy France
Dr Feickert Woodpecker/ AMG tonearm/ Hana ML/ whest 40SE