Micro Seiki bought back to life

Great talking to you again and as promised a few words about this new system upgrade.  The 60S Pro has bought my Micro Seiki SX8000II back to real life.  It has never sounded like this.  I have had, and tried so many phono stages.  My recently Vendetta Research is one unit that I have always loved and my Pass Labs Xono was always very good but the 60S Pro eclipses both of these and others that I tried.  What amazes me most apart from the vanishingly low noise is the 3 dimensional soundstage and the ability for it to be so detailed and yet so musical at the same time.  How you guys do it is baffling me.  The Vendetta Research and Xono are so well known and yet the 60S Pro kills them both.  Thank you so much. 

Micro Seiki SX8000II/  Breuer 9/ Lyra Etna/ 60S Pro
Mark Delany -  Vancouver Canada