Mastering Buffer Model BII - Killer Product

That's all I am saying.  Like Captain Kirk just zapped a Clingon.  
If I could swear in this message believe me I would.  This thing is just so damn amazing.  Listening to Byrd In Flight on Japanese Import CD through my Audio Research CD9 SE and I have never heard it ever sound this good  EVER.  My local hifi dealer KJ West One London couldn't find a DAC that was as good as what your Mastering Buffer Model BII does.  EVERY single DAC I borrowed and out in my system made a small or a slightly better sound but your Mastering Buffer BII really has bought everything out in a massive way.

Audio Research CD9 SE/ Mastering Buffer BII/ BAT REX2 Preamp / Focal Scala Utopia EVO Loudspeakers - best system I've had and probably will ever have.
Daniel Jacobs - London UK