Mastering Buffer Heaven in USA

Hi Sarah.
Thank you for organising the Mastering Buffer BII in time for my monthly 'hifi meet' at my house.  Well, the MBII has been warming up real nice since mid-Feb and the guys came around with CDs, SACDs and we also played some vinyl too just to see what would happen.  It was a MARVELOUS night, and far better than I had hoped for.  My Moon 260DT with built-in DAC already sounded very good by itself.  All the guys know this player well.  We hooked up the MBII, and BOSH !!!!  The whole audio presentation changed into something more detailed and musical, a far better soundstage and so much more space between instruments.

EVERY piece of music we played had the same improvements.  One chap remarked that the system sounded more organic and tape like, not like digital.  

The next morning, I thought "let me see if the alcohol was to blame for the improved performance"... IT WASN'T THE ALCOHOL.  Sunday morning sounded just as good.  Kate Bush to Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell to James Taylor all sounded remarkable.  A BIG thank you to Team Whest as I think you are known as in certain quarters.

Chris McGray - Michigan USA
Moon 260DT, BAT VK53SE Preamp/ BAT VK80T Power amp/ Magico A3 Speakers