Linn LP12/ Audio Technica ART20/ 60Se Pro front end

Hey James
Got this baby now warmed up for 24 hours.  I've been in this game long enough to know a good product from a bad one.  The 60Se Pro is SERIOUS about being a phono stage, and it's a killer one too James, but you already know that.  If only other manufacturers were as serious about vinyl reproduction as you guys are.  Comparing it to the Phasemation EA-550 was quite a revelation.  Both are very good, but the 60Se Pro just does music, imaging, dynamics and soundstage with a genuine sense of ease and realism.  In fact, the Phasemation wasn't that good at imaging or dynamics.  Can't imagine going further now.  This is it.

Francois Gerard - France & London
Linn LP12/ Audio Technica ART20/ 60Se Pro