Kuzma Stabi M is finally alive

Sarah, James.  WOW !!!
My Kuzma turntable finally sounds like the way I expected it to sound.  My previous highly modified Garrard 401 with Slate plinth and Kuzma 4 Point always sounded pretty good, with really good drive, bass slam, but lacked that openness and musical experience.  The Goldnote PH-1000 as you know, was my main phono preamplifier until a friend introduced me to the 60Se Pro -   A VERY DIFFERENT WORLD

I not only have the drive and bass of the 401, it's even better now, but I have instruments that I didn't even know existed and a soundstage that is just incredible.  It's like an open, clean and clear window.  I couldn't be more happier.

Kuzma Stabi M, 4 Point, Ortofon Diamond Anna, whest 60Se Pro
Phillip Massier - France