Kuzma Stabi M/ 60Se Pro/ The very best

Hello Sarah
Thank you for all of your help with this purchase.  I am happy to say that the 60Se Pro  is playing beautifully.  The review really did help in my decision making.  My Kuzma Stabi M / Reed 3P 10.5" tonearm/ Audio Technica ARTXI has always sounded nice through the Nagra Classic Phono but the 60Se Pro is a very different and better story.  The 60Se Pro gives me a soundstage, bass definition, clean real vocals, imaging and a real sense of stereo that the Nagra at €20,000 could not, EVER.   This I find amazing.  I have money left over now to upgrade my cartridge and will definitely be purchasing the Audio Technica ART20 for my upgrade.

This has been an amazing journey.  Being taught later on in life that the price of an item in hifi,  does not mean anything.  The Nagra Classic Phono = €20k !!  I think my friend Hans Zeller is now getting jealous.  He has a 40RDT SE as you know  hahaha.

Claus Bowmann
Kuzma Stabi M/ Reed 3P/ AT ART9XI/ 60 Se Pro