I have hit GOLD !!!

Hey James.  Guess what.  The 30Se Pro in plumbed into the system and I really can't explain to you in hifi language what I am hearing so I will do it as I speak.
As you know I have a Goldnote Mediterraneo table with a Hana ML.  The best table combination I have ever owned.  My previous phono stage the Parasound JC3+ was very good but I always felt it to be a little hifi.  Having tried the Phasemation, Goldnote and Trilogy my good buddy Philip leant me his whestTWO.2 Discrete just to get a feel, but boy what a shock.  It was so close to the JC3+ is was unreal.  It blew away the Goldnote and Trilogy and made the Phasemation sound like it needed feeding.  

Bring on 2023 and the new 30Se Pro.  Well everything else might as well just pack up and leave.  I have never experienced vinyl like this.  Amazing detail and power from top to bottom.  Vocals projected into the room.  Guitar licks coming out of nowhere and stuff I've never heard before.  And you didn't even try and sell me the 40RDT which I was prepared to go to.  What type of business are you guys running ..hahaha.  A brilliant one.

Goldnote Mediterraneo/ Hana ML/ whest 30Se Pro
George Massay - Melbourne