HNY from Canada

Dear team whest.  
Heres's a real short message to wish you all a HNY and to say that I am more than thrilled with my latest new beast - 30se Pro.   Having lived with the Goldnote PH10 and PSU for a couple of years, and always feeling that it wasn't a real phono stage but more of a 'gimmick', with the various RIAA curve configurations, I turned to a fellow Canadian buddy on one of our audio forums.  You know him, but his enthusiasm was so strong, I had little choice to check you guys out, and I am so pleased I did.

This 30Se Pro, blows everything I have owned away.  What I love about it, is that it looks like it was designed for a purpose.  The sound quality is mind-blowing.  I am hearing things from my setup that I honestly have never heard before.  Records sound like mastertape, they have a drive that I never experienced from any vinyl setup.  Soundstage is MASSIVE !!, detail, evenesss of tone, neutral as hell, and so musical.  I really cannot fault it, at all. 
Good save the King...seems fitting now.  Thank you for making my journey an easy but incredible one.  

Kronos Sparta 0.5/ Breuer 6A arm/ Lyra Atlas/ whest 30Se Pro
Josh Maguire - Toronto