Finally upgraded my Naim Stageline

Hi all

It has been a real pleasure dealing with you guys.  I think you have all gone above-and-beyond in the service you have given me.
Now down to the nitty gritty.  The PS.40RDT is now in my system and the LP12/Ekos II/ Lyra Kleos is all connected up.  Having come from a Naim Superline & Supercap has been a revelation.  I wasn't expecting such a jump in quality.  An audio forum user said that he first noticed the drop in noise level going over to a whest.  This is absolutely true but what he didn't say was the soundstage just opens up and you become very aware of the major issues in the Naim Superline. 
I am now hearing so much more music, instruments, soundstage, bass, mids, treble.  Your other users understand what I mean and it isn't even the SE model I have.

Mr Philip Jackson - Edinburgh
LP12/Ekos II/ Lyra Kleos/ PS.40RDT/ Naim 282/ ATC SCM100 ASL