Christmas has come EARLY - 40RDT to 60Se Pro UPGRADE

Ho Ho Ho... and thank you from Chilli Canada

I'll keep this really short and simple, but just to say that the upgrade is so far the best thing I've done to this analog side of my system EVER.  And when I say EVER, I mean EVER !!!  My Jakutis Dalia (turntable) sounded amazing with the 40RDT, but this is a whole new, and extreme level.  I still can't get over what I am hearing.  The separation, left and right information is staggering.  It sounds like I have upgraded my whole system.  My CH Precision D1 CD Player now sounds very very ordinary in comparison.  This front end I have now is just incredible.  Thank you Santa for an amazing upgrade.

John Cascus - Ontario Canada 
Jakutis Dalia/ Lyra Kleos SL/ whest 60Se Pro.