Christmas has come EARLY - 30Se Pro

Afternoon Sarah and team whest
I am stunned on the level of service I have had from you and how efficient this whole transaction has been.  I received the 30Se Pro 2 days ago and have been itching to write this small review. 

OK. So I'm coming from a Sutherland Mono Block, a well known battery powered phono preamp and one that has many followers.  Well I can tell you that after 2 days, the 30Se Pro blows the Sutherland out of the water and bathtub.  It (30Se Pro) shows just how limited the design of the Sutherland it.  The Sutherland sounds flat/ dead with an very narrow soundstage. The 30Se Pro has a huge soundstage that produces instruments from places that I really didn't think vinyl could do.  The 30Se Pro is far more detailed, dynamic and has a very similar noise floor, and that is quiet.  No contest at all.  The 30Se Pro is far better in every way conceivable.

I have to thank my friend Craig in New York for guiding me in this.  He pointed me your way. He has a 40RDT SE and swears that there is nothing close to it. I totally believe him.  

Daniel Garry - Ontario Canada
Sota Sapphire/ Graham Phantom/ Ortofon A95/ 30Se Pro