Celebrating my 60th

Hi Sarah/ James

Thank you for the birthday wishes and I am now a proud owner of a 60Se Pro  - how fitting.  It has been on for about a week now and is really magnificent.  The lows and highs are like nothing I have ever experienced before, they sound very real.  And female vocals are now separated and in the room, in-front of me.  My aging table doesn't sound like it's aging at all !!  This last part was not expected.  In fact every forum bar one all told me to upgrade my TW Acustic AC first.  Your phono stage has just clarified what I already knew and what others have experienced.  
A wonderful product that really deserves all of the accolades it gets.  

Dr John Farina
TW Acustic AC/ SME IV/ Lyra Kleos/ 60se Pro