Bonjour whestTHREE Signature

Good Day Sarah and James.
I have the whestTHREE Signature playing in the background now and even 5 minutes into playing this marvelous Donald Fagen Nightfly album that I love to use as my album for comparing audio equipment, I can hear the improvements instantly over my GoldNote PH10 and PSU10 combination.  The improvement is everywhere but I will not go into too much details.  

The bass extension and high frequency too are much clearer and nearly see-through like looking through a newly cleaned window.  The instruments also sound very realistic, something that the GoldNote PH10 was not good at.  

The whole soundstage sounds amazingly real and resembles my friends whestTWO.2 but bigger in a way.  The instruments have more space.

Yes, I am in love again.  My 1st love is music and my new love is whest.

Goldnote Valore 425+ turntable/ Ortofon Cadenza Black/ whestTHREE Signature
Pierre Merton- Nimes France