Audio Technica ART20 excels

I thought I'd share a few short words about the ART20 cartridge that I have had on my turntable for approximately 30 hours.  This ART20 replaces my Koetsu Urushi Vermillion MC as a 'stop gap' while the whole cartridge gets a rebuild because of a damaged coil.  Well 30 hours into this ART20 and I can tell you that it is far better than the KU Vermillion in every respect.  The separation is incredible and makes the Koetsu sound strident and nearly mono.  I am really quite shocked at the difference because I have recordings made on my Tascam DA3000 in DSD (dual-mono) and comparing the 2 cartridges even after recording the ART20 shows the ART20 to be far superior.

I am incredibly surprised and shocked.  I certainly won't be listening to my Koetsu dealer after this as he said there is NO WAY the Audio Technica ART20 could be better.

Brinkmann Bardo/ Brinkmann 10.5" arm/ ART20/ TITAN Pro II
Dr J P Benson - Edinburgh