And it's not even a TITAN Pro II !!!!!!

Hi James

The Titan Pro has now had two full weeks “cooking” in my system. Oh wow, what a revelation it is.

To say that is is highly detailed is to sell it short and damn it with faint praise. Sure it’s detailed, but not in that etched and cold way that so many hi resolution systems are. There is a liquidity and sensuous musicality to the sound that is utterly breath-taking. Every other upgrade I have made to my system has revealed detail on a macro dynamic level, sure the Titan Pro gives more of this, but it’s the micro dynamic detail that the unit exposes that is blowing me away. I now have real musicians, playing real instruments in my listening room and my speakers have literally disappeared!!

I am currently listening to the Black Eyed Peas album The END as I write this and I am fully immersed in the soundstage. Wonderful.

I know that the Titan Pro isn’t cheap… but pound for pound, in a system costing £100,000, it is the single most cost effective upgrade I have ever made!

Thank you young man for developing such a wonderful product that is enabling to really appreciate what is really recorded on my slabs of black vinyl. Truly, truly awesome products.

Paul E.
East Sussex