A VERY worthwhile upgrade

Hi James.
Great meeting you earlier and checking out your vinyl setup.  I'll get there one day :)  Well I have just connected the new whestPRO Phono to my setup.  It's great that the old (whestTWO) power supply works with this.  Anyway the improvement is very worthwhile.  So much more of everything.  It sounds bigger too - is that correct?  I am hearing things in Steely Dan Aja that I wasn't aware of before.  Things have much more clarity.  Next is to change the Ortofon Rondo Bronze for something more 2022.   Again... great meeting up and thank you for the whestPRO Phono deal.

Clearaudio Concept/ Ortofon Rondo Bronze/ whestPRO Phono
David Jenkins - Isleworth UK