A most amazing experience - whestTWO.2

Hi all.
I just borrowed a friends whestTWO.2 (Nov 2021) and have just compared it to my Hegel V10.  I run a pretty good turntable - VPI Prime with a Hana ML.  The setup sounds very good with the Hegel V10.  But inserting the whestTWO.2 just bought out another layer that I really wasn't expecting.  The V10 although very good sounds a little 'false' if that makes any sense.  The whestTWO.2 sounded much more like music should be.  The separation is much better on the whestTWO.2 but again it was the weight behind the instruments that was a surprise.  I'm sold ... I just need to sell-on the Hegel.  I've had an eye on the new Discrete version but will have to see what my wallet says.

VPI Prime/ Hana SL/ soon to have a whest
Jake Dennison - Norwich UK