A Keeper - whestTHREE Signature

Good evening Sarah

Thank you for your exceptional service and speedy response throughout.  I have now had the whestTHREE Signature connected to my LP12 Klimax/ Lyra Kleos for about 50 hours and can say that the audio reproduction is sublime.  The whestTHREE Signature easily surpasses my Nagra VPS which as you know has been a 'niggling itch' for the past 18 months.   Even though the whest is 1/2 the price of the Nagra the audio quality sounds twice as good.  A absolute bargain - champagne all around.   

Thank you again for the great service and I hope to see you next year for the Discrete upgrade.

Linn LP12 Klimax/ Lyra Kleos/ whestTHREE Signature 
Paul Veers - Paris via Cambridge