60Se with a Goldmund Reference

Hey James.  
Well what can I say.  3 whest phono stages over the past 12 years and they just get better and better, but this 60Se Pro is REALLY another world James.  I have never tired of my aging Goldmund Reference but on occasions have often wondered what another table might do.  The 60Se Pro has really stopped that whole idea/ itch completely.  It is incredible what I am hearing over my whest 40RDT SE.  So much more detail and the higher frequencies are so sweet and so real.  The bass is staggeringly detailed.  Yet another level of detail across the whole band with a very errie (but a good errie) sense of being there.

I know that the TITAN Pro II is going to be another level up but with a Goldmund Reference as the main source and the 60Se Pro doing the hard grafting, I don't yet feel the need for anything above this...if it really does exist.

Goldmund Reference/ Ortofon Diamond Anna/ 60Se Pro
Cameron Dayley - Richmond UK