60S Pro ...Marvel

....'Incredible' James.  The 60S Pro has only been in for about 3 hours.  Went shopping, picked up a 2nd hand album from Oxfam Music Southampton and I have been back for about 20 mins.  1st track to spin was an old favourite from Lionheart - Kate Bush.  This is my original copy from when it came out.  The separation is astonishing and her voice projects into my room.  The Luxman L-507 amp has a decent phono stage but the 60S Pro not only blows it away, but does it in spades.  I have a whole new record collection here now.  Fleetwood Mac and the Doobie Brothers have taken on a whole new dimension, masses of detail too. 

And to think that I was told I should upgrade my Lyra Kleos SL to an Etna.  After trying that, I know that it wasn't that and the dealer was having a laugh.
This makes the Etna L 'upgrade' look like a complete rip-off.  I understand that it is without a doubt a better cartridge, but unless one has a decent phono stage then it's not worth it.  The Kleos SL is singing like it has never sung before !!!  The 60S Pro though... a Marvel 

Mark Volley - Bristol UK
Vertere MG-1/ Brinkmann 9"/ Lyra Kleos SL/ whest 60S Pro/ Luxman/ Harbeth