30RDT Upgrade HEAVEN

Well, well, well
This has got to be the best and most significant upgrade to my system EVER, and that is no exaggeration.  I can't believe that you took my old and aging 30RDT and turned it into such a monster of a phono stage.  Not only am I hearing things I have never heard before, have a wider window into the music and have a sound that I have always wished for, but the unit also looks NEW.  How on earth did you clean that unit?  hahaha.  The new front panel styling looks great.

On to the more serious stuff of audio though.  My Feickert Woodpecker/ AMG 9WT Arm/ Lyra Kleos SL sounds absolutely sublime.  Not a foot out of place.  Compared to my friends Manley Steelhead RC II, the 30RDT SE 2023 is in a different class.  The Manley got a Class-A star product in Absolute Sounds.  Both Neil and I think the whest deserves a Class-AAA+++.  It is so much better, it's incredible. 
Amazing achievement.  

Gordon Johnson - Ontario Canada 
Feickert Woodpecker/ AMG 9WT Arm/ Lyra Kleos SL/whest 30RDT SE/ Audio Research/ Focal