whestTHREE Signature vs

Hi Sarah.  I finally got around to trying out the whestTHREE Signature against a Roksan VSC, Trilogy 907 and Origin Live Discovery 3.   They are all in my rough price bracket as you know but I had no problem figuring out which to go for.   I don't understand why you don't advertise more or even advertise your product range because they do definitely stand out from the crowd. 
The Discovery 3 was a non-starter as it was too noisy even at low gains.  The VSC and 907 are good performers but nothing as enlightening as the whestTHREE Signature.  I was amazed and how the whest pulled everything together and yet was so detailed.  I was able to hear parts that felt like they were missing on the other stages.   Next up then is the cartridge but that can come later now.

Goldnote Mediterraneo/ Phasemation PP-300, whestTHREE Signature
Paul Smart BSc - Brighton UK