New to vinyl - 30Se Pro

Hi James and Sarah
I thought I'd write this short review of my findings using your phono stage.  
I'm pretty new to the vinyl game, Rega Naia/ Lyra Kleos SL and Rega Aura MC phono stage.  A 'hifi friend' and one of your customers told me to just try his 40RDT SE.  The short form story is I did and was instantly converted.  OK, the 40RDT SE was out of my price range and I thought what could I get that was close enough.  

In comes the 30Se Pro and I put that up against my Aura MC.  Blown away by the 30Se Pro is an understatement.  The Rega Aura is a toy in comparison.  It is pointless putting pen to paper to list the improvements I instantly heard with the 30Se Pro in.  OK, so it wasn't quite as good as the 40RDT SE, but it had the whest sound - that soundstage and neutral sound and it is so foot-tapping crazy.

Thank you for your recommendation - spot on.

David Emers - Oxfordshire
Rega Naia/ Lyra Kleos/ whest 30Se Pro