NASA..the 60Se Pro has landed

Hi from sunny Washington DC, home of NASA HQ.

Well, the 60Se Pro has landed and is quietly warming up beside my trusted Goldmund Reference 1988 Spec Monster.

Where do I start.  5 days in and this is singing like never before.  The Ortofon MC Anna I have had for about 2 years now has just been given a whole new lease of life.  There are things I have never heard before in this system, a wide and lifelike soundstage, BASS and a crystal clear midband.  Playing some Tone Poet and my favourite Bob Dylan albums is like listening to them for the 1st time.

The Freewheelin' by Bob Dylan is just heaven.  My copy is the original pressing that I bought back in the mid/late 70s always sounded great.  It still sounds amazing but the 60Se Pro has made it come to life.  I now understand Dylan !!!!

Everything from Dylan to Barclay James Harvest to Coldplay sounds stunning and very addictive.  I don't want to stop listening to vinyl.  Never felt that before.

Incredible and a worthwhile from every phono stage I have ever had.

John Martin  - (not the musician)
Goldmund Reference/ Ortofon Anna/ Whest 60Se Pro