Downsized but UPGRADED whestTWO.2 Discrete

Hello all.
All the way from Sunny Vancouver.
What can I say.  There's me trying my hardest to downsize since the divorce and I've ended up with a better sound.

I've had the MoFi MasterPhono for a little while now, but as you know life changes.  OK, so I sold that and thought I'd go to a whest as a few forum users recommended you guys for a straight and honest sound - no Hype.

I was pretty shocked to find that the unit I ended up with was better than what I just sold on Audiogon.  Crazy!!!  Why?  Because the Mofi cost me C$8000 ($6000US) and the whest was $3000.  That's why.  The shocking thing though was the extra detail and soundstage I gained with the whest.  The whest also sounds 'right'.  Not forced or hyped.  Just right in everyway.

The MoFi MasterDeck never sounded so good.  In fact I'd go as far to say that the combination of the MoFi MasterDeck and MoFi MasterPhono is a poor combination.  I know I'm not the only audiohead to move from the MasterPhono to something else, but to find a product that betters in at 1/2 the price.. .. that shouldn't be the case.

I'm so stoked in what I now have.  I'll keep the table and Audio Technica ART9XI for now because it all sounds fantastic.

Craig Jenkins - Vancouver Canada
MoFi MasterDeck/ whestTWO.2 Discrete/ Audio Technica ART9XI