Based entirely on the world famous PS.20 which totally changed the audiophiles world of what a phonostage can do! 

The entry level whestTWO utilizes approx 90% of the formers electronic design but with a twist.  The twist is about 10% of the MC REF V Mk4.

Yes, during the design stages of the whestTWO we made a crazy decision to incorporate some of the MC REF V ideas, namely its hybrid active/passive RIAA filter stage.  Unlike other units at this price point that use the standard ‘input stage-Passive RIAA filter-output stage’ configuration, the whestTWO uses an identical configuration which was borrowed from the MC REF V Mk4 and this can also be found in the PS.30R. This new RIAA configuration along with the high-current output stage means the whestTWO can resolve much more information compared to any of its rivals. 

For testing and listening we used the following cartridges:

Goldring 1042
Goldring 2500
Denon DL 304 MC
Audio Technica AT33PTG/II
Audio Technica OC9 MK3
Ortofon Cadenza Black
Ortofon A90
Dynavector XX2 Mk2
Dynavector 20XL
Benz Micro Glider SL

whestTWO gets
the prestigious 'Maximum Stereomojo Award'

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