Phono stage upgrades  6th AUG 2018

Product Evolution Program

At Whest Audio we believe that any of our great products can be made better by design. That is why we have introduced PEP.

The ability to transform your Whest Audio phonostage from an already great one to a magnificent
one over time without destroying materials means not only do you save a lot of money in the long run,
and help with recycling, but also gain even more enjoyment through music and audible pleasure.

At present PEP is available on the whole 30 Series but we will be slowly rolling out PEP
across the whole range. No longer will you need to lose money selling then buying, PEP takes all this into account - it is a win-win solution.
PS.30R to PS.30RDT Special Edition         £2399 ex VAT
PS.30RDT to PS.30RDT Special Edition      £1599 ex VAT

PS.30RDT SE to 40RDT SE internal           £3299 ex VAT

whestTWO.2 or whestTHREE discrete
upgrade.  40 Series SE input stage              £1599 ex VAT   NEW

2007/8 to 2011 Chassis upgrade please add £225 ex VAT

Case Study


How PEP works for the PS.30R:
PS.30R to PS.30RDT

PS.30R users the ability to upgrade to PS.30RDT status using their existing casework. This upgrade will mean keeping the original case and having all the PS.30RDT parts as well as the PS.30RDT front panel fitted.

You will end up with a PS.30RDT with a 5 year warranty and a new manual, interconnects, packaging and serial no.  The performance upgrade is substantial and a fantastic way to get even more from your 30 Series phono stage.

Finally the ultimate goal for the PS.30R is taking it to the PS.30RDT Special Edition level which we now offer.  The operation means taking everything out of the PS.30R chassis and replacing it with the Special Edition electronics and ultra low noise power transformers.  Again you will get a full 5 year warranty, a new manual, new interconnects and packaging.

To find out if you qualify please email us on:
or call on: 020 3176 0376

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