This is where the Reference phono stage range starts - the Mono Channel Reference V.

The technology used in this one product has found its way through all other Whest phono stages. It is unlike any other phonostage ever designed. The MC REF was...
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A whole new chapter in Whest Audio phono stage and small signal design starts here. The TITAN Pro utilises all new technology borrowed from a new Whest Audio flagship that is due for release on our 10th Anniversary in 2014.

What the TITAN Pro adds is an extra dimensional 'space' with greater instrument-harmonic resolution, 'life like' musicality ...
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Continuing in the spirit of the TITAN Pro and a whole new chapter in the Whest Audio phono stage design range, comes the new 40 Series – the 40RDT and 40RDT Special Edition.

Getting more resolution from vinyl isn't easy ...
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whestTHREE Signature

Like all of the Whest Audio designs, the whestTHREE Signature has been designed for use primarily for MC (moving coil) use.  This means that to obtain the lowest possible noise levels and highest resolution, we recommend the use of low to medium output MC cartridges. more >>


Like all Whest Audio phono stages, the whestTWO.2 also employs a fully discrete transistor Class-A high output current output stage. This coupled with the high performance/ high voltage power supply will give you a level of musical performance you thought was only possible well outside this price range....
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broadcast whestTWO/4

4 channel RIAA module - 1u Broadcast/ Pod caster module

As the name might suggest this is a 4 channel, rack mounted version of the whestTWO aimed at the Pod caster, Radio station and the DJ/Producer ...
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